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Tulsa Tax Lawyer

The tax law firm of James, Potts & Wulfers in Tulsa Oklahoma represents their tax law clients in federal and state administrative matters and in federal courts and state courts with each client receiving the same high level of personalized legal service from the attorneys and members of the law firm and the staff. Our Tulsa tax attorney advisors offers many, if not all, of the legal services needed by any size Oklahoma business. The Tulsa tax lawyer counselors are experienced in the federal courts and Oklahoma state courts, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals and the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Contact a Tulsa tax lawyer at the firm for high-quality legal services with an emphasis on personal attention and value. Our Tulsa tax litigation team is recognized throughout Oklahoma for professional integrity and client satisfaction in their tax law representation involving:

  • Tulsa Ad Valorem Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Audit Representation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Business Property Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Criminal Tax Audit Lawyer
  • Tulsa Criminal Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Death Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Employment Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Estate Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Excise Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Expatriate Tax Attorney
  • Tulsa Federal Estate Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Federal Gift Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Federal Income Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Federal Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Fiduciary Income Tax Attorney
  • Tulsa Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Individual Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Inheritance Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Lawyer
  • Tulsa International Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Interstate Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa IRS Offer In Compromise Lawyer
  • Tulsa Like Kind Exchange Lawyer
  • Tulsa Local Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Offers In Compromise Lawyer
  • Tulsa Personal Property Taxation Attorney
  • Tulsa Property Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Property Tax Abatement Attorney
  • Tulsa Property Tax Appeals Lawyer
  • Tulsa Property Tax Assessment Lawyer
  • Tulsa Real Property Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Sales Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa State Income Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa State Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Advocacy Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Appeals Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Audit Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Collection Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Court Litigation Attorney
  • Tulsa Tax Credits Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Deferred Exchanges Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Evasion Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Fraud Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Incentives Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Legislation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Liens Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Litigation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Planning Lawyer
  • Tulsa Tax Valuation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Transfer Tax Lawyer
  • Tulsa Trusts and Estates Taxation Lawyer
  • Tulsa Use Tax Lawyer

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Business Tax Lawyer Tulsa Oklahoma

Tax law in Tulsa, Oklahoma involves regulation from the local district to the federal government. Each governmental entity imposes some type of taxation requirement in order to raise the revenue required to fulfill its governmental function. A tax is a charge by the government or the state on the income of a corporation, business entity or trust in Oklahoma.

The Internal Revenue Code is the body of law that codifies all federal tax laws, such as income, estate, gift and excise taxes. Such tax laws comprise Title 26 of the U.S. Tax Code and are implemented by the IRS.

Delivering professional legal guidance in multiple aspects of tax law, the Tulsa tax lawyer advisors at our firm are committed in their tax law client representation. If you need legal assistance in any of federal or Oklahoma state tax law, speak with the Tulsa tax attorney counselors at James, Potts, & Wulfers.

Tulsa Tax Audit Attorney

If your business is facing a tax audit or you have questions regarding federal or Oklahoma state tax laws contact our firm and put our history of successful tax claim resolutions and recoveries to work for you and your business.

Offers in Compromise Tax Lawyer in Tulsa Oklahoma

The Tulsa tax attorney counselors can help reduce the stress of taxing authorities’ demands for payment of tax, penalties and interest and also provide tax advice in ensuing negotiations with taxing authorities. Contact the Offers in Compromise tax attorney counselors at our firm.

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