Tulsa Trusts Lawyer

Tulsa Trusts Lawyer. Tulsa Trusts and Estates Attorney.

Tulsa Trusts Lawyer

The Tulsa trusts attorney counselors at the law firm of James, Potts & Wulfers provide expert advice and legal counsel on Oklahoma trusts law. We have extensive experience serving large corporate clients, small and medium sized businesses, and individuals.

Tulsa Trust Advisors offers success representing clients in:

• Trust and Estates
• Living Trusts
• Revocable Living Trusts
• Trust Administration
• Trust Advisor
• Trust Litigation
• Trust Disputes
• Dynasty Trusts
• Special Needs Trusts
• Contested Wills
• Draft Wills And Trusts
• Litigate Wills And Trusts
• Admit Wills And Trusts
• Enforce Wills And Trusts
• Manage The Distribution Of A Deceased Family Member’s Assets
• Oversee The Administration Of An Estate
• Establish The Validity Of The Will in Oklahoma
• Appoint A Legal Representative To Represent The Decedent
• Itemize The Decedent’s Property
• Appraise The Decedent’s Property
• Pay Any Outstanding Debts
• Pay Any Outstanding Taxes
• Distribute Any Remaining Property
• Contest Wills
• Manage Creditor’s Claims

• Open And Administrate Probate
• Identify, Protect, Value And Manage Assets
• Pay Final Bills And Expenses
• File Final Income Taxes
• Prepare Trust Accounting
• Distribute Estate To Heirs
• Close Estate

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• Asset Protection
• Marital
• Credit Shelter and Bypass
• Family Office
• Incentive Based
• Life Insurance
• Special Need
• Business Operations & Agricultural Management

• Public Foundation and Endowment
• Private Family Foundation
• Private Charitable Remainder and Charitable Lead Trust

• Administrate Multi-Generational Interests
• Sale-of-Business Administration
• Real Estate Administration
• Private Foundation
• Trust Administration; Dynasty and Generation Skipping Administration
• Concentrated Asset Administration
• Real Estate and Agricultural Management
• Family Meeting Facilitation/Conflict Management
• Financial Planning
• Asset and Cash Distribution Management
• Charitable Planning Services
• Recordkeeping

• Conservator
• Settlement Trust

Tulsa Trusts Lawyer
The experienced Tulsa trusts attorney counselors are skilled in Tulsa trusts litigation.