Tulsa Wealth Management Lawyer

Tulsa Wealth Management Lawyer. Tulsa Family Wealth Planning Attorney.

Tulsa Wealth Management Lawyer

The Tulsa Wealth Management attorney counselors at the law firm of James, Potts & Wulfers provide expert advice and legal counsel on retirement planning, and wealth management issues in Oklahoma. We have extensive experience serving large corporate clients, small and medium sized businesses, and individuals.

Tulsa Wealth Management Services:

• Wealth Preservation
• Wealth Planning Counselor
• Wealth Planning Advisor
• 401k
• Pensions
• Estate Settlement
• Personal Trust Administration
• Charitable Trust Administration
• Court Created Administration
• Defined Benefit Services
• Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Business Exit Planning
• Security Custody Services
• Sale of Business
• Exit Planning

Special Needs Administration
• Other Legal Settlements that Require Corporate Trustee

• Pension
• 401(k)

• Sale of Business
• Concentrated Holdings
• Individual Retirement Planning
• Charitable
• Education

• Security Custody
• Document Custody

Trusted Tulsa Wealth Management Lawyer
The experienced Tulsa Wealth Management attorney counselors are skilled in retirement planning and wealth management tax strategies in Oklahoma.

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